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Brief Introduction

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Wanqiao Branch, Taichung Veterans General HospitalThis hospital, established in March 1966 and located at No . 38, Shimayuan, Wanqiao Village, Zhuqi Township, Chiayi County, Taiwan, R.O.C. , covers an area of 68,673.63 m2 ., with total building floor area of 37,632.18 m2.

This hospital has 468 beds for patients covered by the National Health Insurance, 75 beds for the Self-Paid Nursing Home.

The hospital has one medical building and two inpatient buildings. The medical building is the main medical facility and the administrative center of this hospital; the Inpatient Building A is planned for respiratory care beds, chronic psychiatric beds and the nursing home; the Inpatient Building B is planned for acute and chronic psychiatric beds.

This hospital was originally the Thorax Special Hospital, mainly responsible for treating tuberculosis patients. Since 1992, the hospital has been incorporated into the Medical Network Development Plan Phase II; and the reconstruction was completed and put into use in December 1995, when this hospital coordinated with the National Medical Network Plan to manage the regional health care medical services and engage in the special treatment of chronic open tuberculosis and countryside's open tuberculosis. This hospital, which is responsible for treating acute and chronic psychopathic patients, is a unique public hospital in the east region of Chiayi County.